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How to Make Foreign Elite

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       One day, when I was ready to off duty, someone called me, and said he wanted to visit our office. I was very excited when I heared the news. He said he would arrive an hour later, I waited him for a long time, and called him many times, until 9:30 pm, he arrived 
Then we started business with color stone coated metal roof tile. We negotiate the price, quantity, colors and so on. Metal roof tile of Everything was confirmed, I guess the customer would pay us the deposit,but he told me he would go to other place for a few days, when he came back, he would place the order to us.
During these days, I sent messages and called him for many times, but he didn't reply me.Several days later, one Saturday afternoon, he called me and asked me to go to our office. When we arrived, he asked for a discount, and the payment term is strict, we negotiate with each other again and again for roof shingles building material, but we didn’t make an agreement at end, the customer left.
After careful consideration of the company and talked many times with the customer, we make a deal at end. He said : NUORAN is realy a very excellent supplier,we will defenitely buy more in future !
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From the above case, we can see that we should treat the customers patiently, and believe that our efforts will not be in vain.